The Library

Welcome to the Library!

This page is to share the books I have read on specific areas that we often think about or come across in life. They are books I have also referred to or touched upon on the blog posts.

I often say this motto: There’s no such thing as wasted information. I’m not suggesting that these books are the best in their respective areas and most importantly, they’re not the Bible. Nevertheless, I have learnt so much from reading them. If these books can help anyone gain more understanding about themselves or on specific topics or help them grow closer to God and on their path to effective living, personal development and personal fulfilment, then I want to do my bit and share them to those who wants to achieve this.

I will do a short book review after reading a book but here is a complete list for the eager beavers. Please check this page regularly as new books will be added! Don’t forget to read and study your Bibles too!







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