I enjoy creative writing of all kinds, but my favourite is creating thought-provoking stories that resonate with the heart as well as the mind. I aim to inspire and to teach through my stories.

I am also pleased to announce that these pieces are award winning! Please see my achievements page for more information!

Disclaimer: You will find that these novellas are built with a view to teach, raise awareness or to simply tell a story. Please note that these creative pieces are entirely fictional and whilst some do represent my Christian beliefs and values, other pieces do not.

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Here’s a thought: Imagine if The Joker was actually mixed raced? Would the origin story change? If so, then how? Here’s my answer. The story follows the depressing life of Jackie Napier, whose love for alcohol and gambling cost him dearly; a luxurious home, the affection of his beloved and the chance of living a better, happier life. After getting fired from work by his incorrigible boss, Jackie is directed by a young university drop-out to the nearest underground casino for his most challenging game ever. However, a discovery of an unknown secret literally sends him over the edge, awakening his suppressed darker side; a persona that will shake the foundations of the entire city; forever.

A FAN FICTION Novella inspired by ‘Batman – The Killing Joke’ graphic novel by Alan Moore, drawn by Brian Bolland. Based on ‘Batman’, directed by Tim Burton and ‘The Dark Knight’, directed by Christopher Nolan. Also based on the ‘Batman: Arkham City’ video-game, developed by Rocksteady Studios, released by Warner Bro’s Interactive Entertainment.

Click here to read One Big Joke: The Joker Origins (For Mature Audiences Only).


coldAngel cover


An original “mind-movie”, with a spiritual twist, following an unexplained resurrection of a gun crime victim.

Is justice really best-served cold?

Special thanks to Matthew Nsubuga for his work on the final script!

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Death and Life

Death and Life: How Fast Can You Run?

Death has arrived, and he is not taking any prisoners.
Can mankind win the battle against death?

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