The highlight of 2016 was being nominated, becoming a finalist and winning the Literary Arts Black Youth Award!

Yes, the blog and my stories are now award winning!


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Myself accompanied with the presenters of the Literary Arts award: Kyla Frye (winner 2011), Devon Toppin  (winner 2014) and Adrienne Frye, Black British Bulletin – Sponsor 2016.

It was a glorious night, a night to remember. The best part was being declared as a “Pioneer of Black Excellence” by Kay Oldroyd, the Founder of the Black Youth Achievement Awards!

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Shout out to the nominees, finalists and award winners! Let us continue to fight against the stereotypes and show the world that despite the challenges and adversity faced, we will strive, sacrifice and work hard with no excuses to influence, foster positive change and inspire the younger generation that they can achieve no matter the odds!