Understanding Purpose


My brothers and sisters,

It took a while for me to speak out on this, but frankly, I’m concerned.

There is a mass awareness about finding your purpose, which is a good thing, but let’s not allow the truth about purpose to be lost in the rhetoric sauce.

Purpose is flooded with many different aspects and questions to consider, but generally speaking, purpose has two elements: the noun (the name) and the verb (the doing). The effect of the rhetoric, in my opinion, is causing a drive of people looking to find purpose, (the name). Another aspect is the thought pattern of setting up businesses/organisations or participating in activities that can be considered as living on purpose.

Again, I’m not speaking against these good things, I’m only sharing my mind here but I write this post for those who may be struggling to find their own purpose.

The truth is if you find yourself struggling to find your purpose, its because it’s not your purpose. It’s His; Jesus Christ.

Christians, we are ALL called to fulfil the Great Commission (Matt 28:19 (the name)). How we do it is dependent on the skills, talents abilities and resources that He has given us (The doing).

A very simplistic illustration:

Kid number 1: Miss, he just pushed me!

Kid number 2: Miss, it was an accident!

Kid number 1: No, you did it on purpose!

Purpose: the act or expression which is preceded by a solid understanding or conviction of why the act or expression needed to be done.

Find out what God requires of you by studying the word. Faith comes by hearing the word of God, understand why and then do it. Don’t be over spiritual about it!

Luke 6: 46 (ESV) (Emphasis Added)  “Why do you call me ‘Lord, Lord’ and not do as I tell you?”

This is me sharing my thoughts on the matter, but what do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

Tunde T. Amao

2 thoughts on “Understanding Purpose

  1. Dami Tolaoluwa July 11, 2017 / 8:30 am

    Love this piece!!! Many people are trying to find purpose or create something that seems like purpose without first discovering or understanding the one who gives purpose (God).

    Peter caught the revelation of Jesus’ true identity, thereafter, Jesus gave Peter an identity and purpose (Matthew 16:15-20). With identity comes purpose.

    You cannot know the purpose of a thing without first identifying it from its source or for what it is.

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  2. Edem Amewowor July 13, 2017 / 6:37 am

    “The truth is if you find yourself struggling to find your purpose, its because it’s not your purpose. It’s His; Jesus Christ.”

    This throws in an element of grace in the mix – the ability to do with ease what you cannot do for yourself. Because the purpose is HIS, absolute dependence on HIM helps you to discover it with ease.



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