Studying The Bible – A Basic Approach



Hello, my friends. A very short, yet informative post today.

I found this section in my own Bible very helpful on how to approach studying the Bible and I wish to show you a basic outline or action plan when discovering more and learning about God’s Word:


1. Who was the author and when and why was it written?

(This would require further research on the history of Christianity and the Bible, you may wish to go into who wrote a particular book and what year it was written)

2. What kind of writing is it? Is it a story or poetry and is the writer using symbols and pictures? If so, what do they mean?

3. Why did the author put it like this?

4. Was it written for a particular person or a group of people?

5. What would the first readers have understood from these words?


1. What is God saying to me through this passage?

2. What should I do?

3. What does it say about me or my situation?

4. What does it say about my relationship with God and with others?

5. Is there any special command, promise, warning or example that I should take notice of?

As I’ve mentioned before, this is only a basic approach. I’m not saying that this is the best, worldwide approach. Having said that, if you have any more tips or a study method that may be of help, feel free to share in the comment section below.

Keep the faith and keep on studying!

Tunde T. Amao

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