I know you’re thinking: “why, what? What is the subject of the why I am asking?”

Don’t be alarmed, my friend.

This introductory post is dedicated to the skill of asking questions. It is not wrong to ask questions, but it will be helpful to have the willingness to be interested in the answer you’re seeking, whether or not it will satisfy your curiosity. Even if it does not, you must not give up. For it is the answer that comes understanding, enlightenment, and hidden wisdom. What you do with the answer will help shape how you will live your lives in the most positive way.

This is not intended to be some sort of precedent or a widespread approach to tackling the issues raised which spur us on to ask questions; we all have different thinking patterns, different ways of looking at things, as well as separate belief systems. However, are you comfortable with being told something and told to believe it just because? Are you comfortable with not doing enough digging, thinking we can get by just by skimming the surface?

We need to KNOW the reasons why we believe what we believe, and whether it is positive and beneficial for life and for individuals and the collective rather than benefiting the one, which will be ourselves. As I write this, I imagine that people are thinking of Religion, however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be just this. It can be culture, community life and unwritten rules which life has dictated that we must follow. Now I’m not advocating being an anarchist of any kind, I’m just saying that you need to know why for these things. The best way to do this through the bible, and to place ourselves in the mind of God, and to figure out why He has established what He has established and what the results mean for the aforementioned aspects of life.

Let’s take a step into the beyond, my friend, and look at the world concepts, teachings, mysteries and things we normally brush aside and ask ourselves “Why?” Then we’ll go and seek the answer together.

Thank you for reading my friend.

Tunde T. Amao

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